Structured Settlements

Sell Your Structured Settlement For Cash

Do you have a structured settlement and need cash now? You’re not alone.

Rising Capital has helped thousands of individuals exchange their monthly structured settlement payments for cash. If you’re receiving a structured settlement as the result of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit and you find that your current payments aren’t large enough to address the financial situation you’re in, it may be time to sell your payment rights. Rising Capital can help you obtain a lump sum of cash that you can control and manage on your own to ultimately improve your quality of life. When we buy structured settlement payment rights, we can buy payments that start now, a couple of years from now, or many years down the road. We can also buy your entire settlement or a small portion of the settlement. This means you can find the perfect solution to your need for cash while remaining prudent about your long term financial well-being.

Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement Now

While structured settlement annuities provide their recipients with predictable tax-free income, it’s very common for unforeseen situations to arise. Addressing such scenarios often requires immediate access to money you may not have. One thing structured settlement annuities don’t provide is liquidity. They aren’t flexible enough to cover ANY unexpected events at all. After a structured settlement annuity contract is purchased, the payment schedule can’t be altered.

Once you face an unanticipated need for cash, it’s easy to grow frustrated and stressed about needing to wait months or even years before you can access payouts from your structured settlement.

Let Us Help

We’re here to help with that. Instead of waiting endlessly for future payments to deal with CURRENT needs, you can sell your rights to these payments and receive a lump sum now. At Rising Capital, our team will work diligently with you and the court system to grant you access to immediate cash in the form of a lump sum.

Did you know that the most common structured settlements and annuities don’t provide all guaranteed payments to their annuitants for an average of 25 years? Are you prepared to wait that long to receive your own money?

Unfortunately, a lot can happen in the span of 25 years, and nothing in life is guaranteed. Why run the risk that when you need access to your money, you won’t have it? Or, maybe, out of financial desperation, you’ll be forced to scramble. If you want to plan ahead and take control of your own money now, it may be time for you to consider getting a lump sum from Rising Capital.

What type of people does Rising Capital help? We can purchase payment rights from most people who received their structured settlement due to wrongful death claims, medical malpractice, product liability, or other personal injury lawsuits. We can also help people who inherited such annuities as beneficiaries. If you want to know if your annuity is eligible, just give us a call.

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What Rising Capital Associates Can Do For You

If you have a structured settlement and are either currently receiving payments or scheduled to receive payments in the future, we can help you obtain cash for your structured settlement now. Before you can receive your lump sum, a judge must approve of the sale of your payment rights. Rising Capital can make sure this is a simple and stress-free transaction for you. We walk every annuitant we help through each step of the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We work with people like you and with sophisticated investors who are willing to offer large lump sums to purchase payments like yours. Since we cut out the middleman and take you directly to the best investors, we can put the most money in your pocket.

Whether you decide to sell all of your future structured settlement payments or just a portion, Rising Capital is here to guide you through the entire process and make it pain-free and quick.

When you call Rising Capital, we will immediately provide you with a free quote, letting you know how much cash you can receive in exchange for your future payment rights.. We will prepare and forward all the necessary paperwork to you. Then we will guide you through the process and answer every question you have and let you know what to expect.

Once you’ve signed a contract and provided us with the necessary paperwork, we will send it to the court, file a petition and request a court date. You may be required to appear in court when the judge reviews the transaction. Once the court approves your transfer to us, Rising Capital will finalize the transaction and send your lump sum straight to your bank account or to your home. You pick.

Introduction We take the time to get to know you and understand your current needs. Once we fully comprehend your financial situation and what you’re hoping to achieve, together, we will design a plan to get you immediate access to the most money possible.

Documentation We will send you our offer and agreement in writing. There are no hidden costs, false promises or tricks when you deal with Rising Capital.

Quick Court Process We have well-established relationships throughout the country and do everything possible to ensure a speedy and successful court process. Once the judge reviews and approves your transfer, Rising Capital will send a lump sum to you via direct deposit or via check.

Payday We work very hard to ensure you a speedy funding. We know how important it is for you to receive your money as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait for Money LATER.

Whenever you face an unexpected need for cash, a structured monthly payment schedule may not provide you with the access you need to address your immediate circumstances. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have a structured settlement that either takes too long to arrive or arrives in payments that are too small to be effective, it may be time to cash it in for a more profitable sum of money.

The money you receive from a transfer of your payment rights can be used to purchase a home or investment property, make needed home repairs or relocate, pay off high-interest debts and medical bills, pay for education or vocational schooling, start your own business or address any unexpected need for cash. With extra cash in your pocket, the possibilities are truly endless.

Get Your Cash NOW

The stress that came with initially acquiring your structured settlement was probably enough to last you a lifetime. Rising Capital works hard to make sure you are comfortable and excited about how a lump sum can transform your life. We let you know what’s needed but use our expertise to ensure you are not overburdened with legal paperwork or courtroom tension.

We will tell you what to expect and we are fully dedicated to providing you with the highest Purchase Price. Why wait? By selling your structured settlement payment rights now, you can stop waiting to achieve your dreams and goals. You can do it now!