Selling Structured Settlement Annuity Payments

If you have a structured settlement and are either currently receiving payments or scheduled to receive payments in the future, we can help you obtain cash for your structured settlement now.  We walk every annuitant we help through each step of the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Rising Capital works with people like you and with sophisticated investors who are willing to offer large lump sums to purchase payments like yours. Since we cut out the middleman and take you directly to the best investors, we can put the most money in your pocket. Call us today to learn how you can exchange some or all of your payment rights for a lump sum of cash that can be used to make large purchases or investments for your future.

Using a lump sum to purchase a home

Purchase A Home

Use your lump sum to buy the home of your dreams or pay off an existing mortgage.

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Using a lump sum to pay off debt

Pay Off Debt

Use your lump sum to pay off high-interest debt and eliminate financial burdens.

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Using a lump sum to start a business

Start A Business

Use your lump sum to become your own boss and enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship.

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Using a lump sum to pay for education

Pay For Education

Use your lump sum to pursue further education and invest in your future.

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Using a lump sum to buy a car

Buy A New Car

Use your lump sum to purchase a new safe and reliable vehicle for you and your family.

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Using a lump sum for retirement

Fund Your Retirement

Use your lump sum to fund your retirement without financial worry.

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