Covering Moving Costs With Your Lump Sum

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It’s no secret that your surroundings can have an influence on your life. 

According to a 2010 study, The Mechanisms of Neighborhood Effects Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications, – where you live has an effect on nearly every aspect of your life.

According to the study, people who live in well-resourced communities have better access to healthcare, lower stress levels, and, therefore, live longer, healthier lives.

Where you live can also have a profound effect on your children’s education. Children who grow up in good neighborhoods attend well-resourced schools, with smaller classes and better academic outcomes. This means that kids from good neighborhoods are more likely to graduate from high school, get into college, and build successful careers.

The community that you live in can also affect your employment opportunities. Being a part of a community of successful people can also help you grow your social network to support your success and put you closer to local employment opportunities.

The challenge is that moving can be costly, and homes in more desirable communities can be considerably more expensive.

Fortunately, if you have a structured settlement or annuity, you have the option to exchange your monthly payments for a lump sum of cash and you may be able to use this money to assist with some of the immediate costs of moving.   

While it may seem like an expensive and challenging undertaking, the benefits of moving to a better neighborhood can be realized, immediately. The positive effect of having access to good services, a peaceful and wholesome environment to raise your family, and a community to support you will also have a lasting impact on you and your family for generations to come.

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