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Structured settlements are commonly used in settling personal injury lawsuits. A structured settlement is a financial tool that allows settlements to be paid in installments over time, rather than up front in one lump sum. These installment payments may be paid over a fixed finite period of time or continuously for as long as you live.

No. In many cases, selling only a portion of your future payments is what’s best. Everything depends on what you need and what’s in your best interest. Give us a call and we can explain what options are available.

Absolutely! Rising Capital Associates has a team of representatives dedicated to serving customers who have previously done business with us. Even if you have completed a transaction with a different purchasing company, we’d be happy to help you with your next transfer. We can make sure the process is smooth and you receive the largest lump sum possible.

All structured settlement and lottery payment transfers require court approval and the majority of jurisdictions will require you to appear in court. This is for your own protection, to make sure you understand all the details of the sale and to ensure the transfer is in your best interest. If you are selling an annuity you own, it’s possible you will not need to appear in court.

We will fund you within two business days of receiving a copy of a Qualified Court Order signed by the judge.

None! Rising Capital Associates has no hidden fees. We pay for all costs associated with the transaction.

Any way you want. We can mail you a check or transfer the funds directly to your bank account.