We Buy Annuities & Structured Settlements

Rising Capital Associates helps people, like you, convert his/her future periodic payments into MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. Your future periodic payments are being held and controlled by others. Why not take control of your money today? Instead of waiting to receive your payments, you can convert your settlement, annuity or lottery payments into an immediate lump sum.
Our Work Ethic

Rising Capital’s team is comprised of industry experts with over 31 years of combined industry experience. Our team works hard to ensure you get the highest return for your future payments. Did you know that the average annuitant has to wait over 25 years to receive all of their annuity payments? We can get you the cash you need – not in 15 years time, not every month for the next 7 years – but right now!

How Long Can You Wait?

Are you tired of waiting for your check to arrive every month? Do you want to exchange a future promise of money on a fixed schedule for money that’s available in your pocket right now? We can get you the highest return for your future structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments. We monitor pricing options and fluctuations in the brokerage market and always offer the highest purchase prices.

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They have made miracles happen for me and have put smiles on my family's face. Thank you for everything that y’all have done.

- Roger

Fast, Professional, kind, & just a pleasure to work with! I did 2 transactions and both went great.

- Nicole

When I talked to John I knew right away he was the one I was going to deal with on getting our money.

- William & Cody

They were absolutely amazing! Convenient, fast, and the people you work with are there for you 110%.

- Jennifer

We Can Help

When it comes time to tap into the value of your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery award, trust in the knowledgeable team at Rising Capital to get you the largest lump sum of cash. Turn those inflexible payments into cash now. Couldn’t you use cash now? Call us today or fill out a free quote request to see how much you can get. Call us today at 866.444.5061

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